Official Everlast Blog: Man castrates himself after being rejected by a girl

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Man castrates himself after being rejected by a girl

Reawat Petnui,41, has chopped off his own penis with a knife after being rejected by a girl he loved.
Reawat Petnui's mother found him sprawled on the floor surrounded by blood, on Sunday, in Thailand.

An ambulance was called, and medics rushed him to a hospital where he was stabilized.

Petnui who was a former drug addict was jailed 12 years ago, for killing two mates while hallucinating on a meth-fulled rampage.

Although he was released after serving ten years, his family said he had become institutionalized and spent his days alone in his room brooding.

In an attempt to boost his love life, Reawat contacted dozens of local women for a date. But he suffered rejection each time, including his endeavours to woo a 7-Eleven checkout girl, who told him she had a husband.

Petnui's mother, Somboon, 71, said he was devastated and became even more withdrawn after he was spurned.
On Sunday morning, while checking on him, she knocked on his bedroom door, and went inside when there was no response where she found him on the floor with blood pouring from his genitals.
Somboon explained: "My son was a good boy. He went to a good university in Bangkok.

"But he became involved with drugs and then killed two people while he was having hallucinations and fighting."
She said that after Reawat was released from prison two years ago, he helped his family work on the rubber plantation.
However, her son "was not happy and missed prison and the treatment they gave him there.

"He spent a lot of time on his own in his room not speaking to anybody.''
'My son wanted to find a girlfriend and he contacted different women but none of them were interested.

''The latest girl worked at the 7-Eleven store. He liked her a lot but she said she had a husband. He was very disappointed.''
Lieutenant Colonel Chokdee Rakwatthanapong , head of the Sichon district police station, confirmed: ''At the scene we found in the bedroom of the house a wounded man known as Mr Reawat Petnui age 41 lying on the floor.

"Blood was flowing over him. He was not wearing clothes {he was] dressed only in brown underpants.

"He has cuts on his penis from a sharp box cutter knife. He was rushed to Sichon hospital.''
Photo: Viral Press

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